Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Good Standby

I have a little secret to share with you. I have stand by dinners! Those days when I don't post a new delicious recipe, you think I'm busy. But no I'm just (a) too lazy to find and make a new recipe or (b) we are in between pay days and a grocery trip is not happening. During these times this is one fall back dinner I often go to. One week I swear we had this or spaghetti every night. Needless to say we boycotted it for a while.

2 chicken breasts
instant mashed potatoes
frozen corn
seasoning of your choice

Heat a skillet over medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil. This is the secret to making good chicken on the stove. Cook it on a lower heart rather than a high heat. If you cook it on high it will crisp the outside too much and leave the inside still raw. The chicken should sizzle when it's put in the pan but not smoke too much. sprinkle seasoning of your choice. I like Cavender's or Montreal, or just good 'ol seasoned salt. When chicken is done just turn the pan off so it stays hot then make your mashed potatoes and heat your corn. Voila! You have a delicious dinner in no time!

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