Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Dark Secret

I have a confession to make... I don't admit this to many people, just my closest friends. I love white trash food! That's right I LOVE it! Ramen is great, I crave mac and cheese from a box, and don't even get my started on Spam. That's right people I have ingested Spam (numerous times) and lived to tell the tale.
Steve goes on business trips every now and then. They are just short over nighters. I like to use that time to make something that he just doesn't appreciate. Yes, Yes I will usually go for the tofu or totally vegetarian but sometimes I like to trash it up. Steve isn't a huge fan of mac and cheese, even when I make homemade cheese sauce, whatever! So this last time I decided to really go all out. I made a classic, mac and cheese with hot dogs. To make it a little more gourmet I grilled the turkey dogs before I added them to the mac and cheese. It was fabulous!
I hope this doesn't skew your view of me too much, hey I'm human too! Just keep in mind I don't eat like this all the time it's a total guilty pleasure. I promise there will be more exciting yummy recipes to come this week.

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Moon Family said...

Oh my heck you are hilarious! I love it! I'm glad you have included me in your deep dark secret! We totally love Top Ramen and Mac and Cheese too although I don't think I have ever tried Spam. Apparently I'm missing out!