Saturday, March 14, 2009

Irish Eggs

On of our favorites days is coming up. Since I married a Leprechaun we have to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I found this recipe in a Rachael Ray cookbook (FYI that's where most of them come from). I'm not one for soft eggs, I like mine very well done. The cream in this makes that impossible but it was delicious!

1/3 C heavy cream
8 eggs
1/2 lb Irish cheese (I used Dubliner, it's Steve's fav.)
2 tbs Irish butter or regular butter cut into bits

Heat medium skillet over medium heat, add butter. Wisk eggs, cream and add salt and pepper. Pour eggs into the skillet and cook slowly. When they are still a little runny add half of the cheese, stir and add the other half. Cook until done and serve.

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