Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peanut Butter Quesadilla

I know, I know it sounds gross. It even sounds gross to me, but nonetheless, this is an MD original with my son being my inspiration. Here is the story: I rarely buy bread form the store, I make my own. Needless to say it's never around for more than a day and half, kind of hard to keep up. So when we are in a bind for some carbs we turn to tortillas. It's basically the same thing right? My son is not a fan of cheese (I know, how is this possible, I have even questioned where he came from). So he doesn't like the quesadillas I make the other kids, I make it with peanut butter. He always likes a little jam on the side for dipping. Try it out maybe you'll be surprised, Ive yet to be so adventurous.

1 whole wheat tortilla (white will do fine too)
peanut butter
jam (we like strawberry)

Heat a skillet big enough for your tortilla to lay flat over medium heat. Butter one side of the tortilla. Place butter side down in the skillet. CAREFULLY apply peanut butter to half of the tortilla. I always get spooked and end up dolloping, it works fine cause it's gets gooey anyway. Allow to cook for 1-2 minutes. Then flip the none peanut butter half over the peanut butter and check to make sure it's to the desired crunchy and golden-ness. Serve it up on a plate with some jam for dipping on the side.

*A word of caution, the peanut butter will be a little warm so proceed carefully :)

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Rich and Nickie said...

We make these all the time. It's nice because it mixes up the original pb&j so the kids think they are getting something a little different!