Tuesday, September 29, 2009

French Onion Pizza

Steve tasted this one and said it might just be "wow" pizza. He said for sure I would have to make it again. I got the idea for this one off of Rachael Ray's daytime talk show. I never got the official recipe so I don't know how close it is to the real thing.

1 large onion halved and sliced
1 c plain yogurt OR sour cream
1/2 envelope onion soup mix
2 c mozzarella cheese
1 recipe of pizza dough or refrigerated pizza dough

Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a skillet over medium-low heat, add onions and let caramelize for 5-10 minutes. The onions should turn brown but not burn, they should be tender but not mushy. In the meantime roll out your dough and bake for about half the time as the directions call for.

While dough cooks mix yogurt and half of the onion soup mix in a small bowl. (I had to use a little less than half the envelope, I thought it was too strong). Spread the mixture over the dough.

Put the onions on top and cover with cheese. Finish up the baking time. Remember to let it sit for about 5 minutes after it's all done, that will help everything set.

*I used the yogurt kind of out of desperation. I had nothing for dinner and this was on the menu but I had no sour cream. I've heard it's a good low fat substitute for sour cream. I think it worked great!

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