Friday, August 7, 2009

Kalua Pork

This has got to be the most flavor for the least work in my book. I could eat this every day all day long, I LOVE it! It has been compared to the Luau pork made in Hawaii. I don't know about that but it's still to die for.

1 pork roast
liquid smoke
salt and pepper

Seriously that's it! You put the pork roast in your crock pot and cook for 4-6 hours. Sprinkle the salt and pepper to coat the roast and then your liquid smoke. I usually douse it with liquid smoke a couple times. Be careful though you don't want it to be too strong. I would suggest using the liquid smoke in another recipe first so you are familiar with how strong it is.

If I had to guess on the measurement I wold say no more than 1/4 cup, and that would be pushing it. Try 3 tablespoons. Shred the pork ans serve over rice.

*I have been told the roast to use is the picnic roast that is all tied up when you buy it. I just use whatever and it still tastes good.


Tif said...

Oh we all (here at work) know how steve loves his pulled pork!

the tortise said...

Yeah, so I am catching up on some back reading...kalua pork is the pork used at luaus. and that is exactly how you make can also add some cabbage in with the pork. it keeps the pork extra moist as it cooks and then mixes in with the rice and pork and is extra delicious. i think you should make a cookbook!

ps...yeah about tonya moving to utah!!!!

Emily, the coolest person in Virginia =)